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Who We Are


Hey there! Intro Boutique was established in 2016, when sisters Emily and Elaina noticed a need for retail in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. They already had a passion for comfortable, simple, well-made clothing and knew their vision had to come to life. After discussing for a few months, word that a perfect space was opening up in their favorite building, the 5th Street Arcades. In less than a month, Intro opened its doors and was greeted by many locals and also a handful of travelers. Travelers loved the store and were left wanting more! It took two years of expanding the space and growing the team to finally open this online shop. Intro thanks you for sticking with it all this time and hope you enjoy everything has to offer!


Elaina – Elaina was the driving force for Intro. She owns Style House Beauty Bar in the same building as Intro and saw the need for retail first. Hard working and a major multi-tasker, Elaina not only runs the blow dry bar, but manages most the background operations of Intro, as well and she doesn’t want to stop there (we are sure we will be seeing more big things from her one day)! She loves her man, good pasta, trips to Florida, and her dogs!

Elaina is 5’4 and an hourglass figure. She wears a small/medium top, size large in our best selling basic pants, and a size 7 in our jeans.

Emily – You can find Emily in the shop almost 7 days a week and if there were more days in a week she’d want to spend them there, too. With a background in retail she runs the everyday front of house operations at Intro. She enjoys the simple things in life (just like Intro)! Television, hiking, the ocean, and a vegan lifestyle make her the happiest.

Emily is 5’10, slim and normally wears a small top/pants and a 3 in our jeans.


Natalie – Natalie is Intro’s OG employee, coming up on 2 years with us this August. She is our main sales assistant and knows the ins and outs of everything front of house. Originally from small town, Illinois, she moved to Cleveland for a change. Intro is so happy she did! You can find her at the gym, out with friends or in her adorable apartment making some dish with broccoli in it (it’s her fave).

Natalie is 5’5 and pear shaped. She wears a medium/large top, large or extra large in our best selling basic pants and a 13 in our jeans.


Alison – Alison has a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising and it shows! She has been rocking it in the front of house as a sales assistant for 1 year, but even more so as the Director of E-Commerce (yeah, she did almost everything for this awesome site to become a reality and will be sending you your purchases!). She enjoys date nights with her fiancé, riding her bike, obsessing over her new niece and all things fashion.

Alison is 5’7 and an hourglass figure. She wears a small/medium top, medium or large basic pant and a 9 in our jeans.

Claire is 5’3 and pear shaped. She wears a large top and large in our basic pants.